Ketamine ~ Energy Work

“Everything is Energy and that is all there is to it.  Match the frequency of the reality you want and you can not help but get that reality.  It can be no other way.   This is not philosophy, this is physics.” ~ Einstein

Ketamine therapy and mindset can be influenced by energy healing. Energy healing practice works on the subtle flow of energy throughout the physical body and beyond. The human body is an accumulation of atoms and atoms are energy. When energy becomes blocked this can manifest disease. We live in a field of atoms which vibrate and move in an oscillating pattern. Frequency, which is measured in hertz (Hz), which refers to the rate at which vibration and oscillation occurs.

The higher the vibration of the atom, the higher the frequency of the atom. When energy is blocked, the frequency becomes lowered. I incorporate energy light into the body along energy pathways which loosen blocks and helps energy flow smoothly again. However, personal change work is needed in corporation with energy healing.  When the reason for the block is identified then the block ceases to be created. 

It is thought that a decrease in frequency vibration can lead to disease manifestation. Some believe disease first manifests as an energy imbalance before it takes its physical form in the body. By directing energy into the subtle bodies and rebalancing the chakras, we can help prevent this process and  facilitate wellness.    

People are accustomed to preventative annual physical exams and health screenings, but they often are unaware or ignore their energetic body when taking preventative measures. Your energetic body is part of you and it is important to maintain this part as well.

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