“The subconscious mind is like a tape player. Until you change the tape, it will not change.” ~ Bruce Lipton

book-flowersHypnosis is booked as a separate session outside of Ketamine Treatment to help facilitate behavioral change if desired by individual clients.

Our brain waves work by electrical impulses signaling one neuron to next neuron. Individual thought patterns tend to be repetitive, this repetitive cycle creates a hard wired pattern. This pattern becomes your brains daily thought pattern. This is a simply cause and affect in action.    

The process of continuous negative thoughts can be hard to break due to this cycle. In worsening depression people can develop rumination. Rumination is a fixation on negative thoughts that can lead to a downward spiral and intensify your depression. This spiral can impair your ability to think and process new information. Ketamine can soften these rigid patterns and can open up new neural branching allowing for new behaviors.

Hypnosis can help patients enter a relaxed state and explore memories and events that are typically blocked by the active conscious mind. During hypnosis you are aware of what is happening and you are able to answer questions and talk throughout the entire experience.  Hypnosis simple allows your brain waves to relax  which allows access to you subconscious, your subconscious is where healing happens 

The focus of your hypnosis can be determined during our first session.  

For remote sessions I recommend Rhea Maceris, in Sedona Arizona,  www.imaginegetaways.com.


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Hypnosis can help patients explore memories that are typically blocked by the conscious mind.

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